8 de septiembre de 2008


I abide by my promise.

But to keep on your promises means to be strong in order to make happy others.

Being strong, because temptations are in everywhere.

Temptations are in the bank, when you talk with the cashier and he or she smiles you flirtingly; in the hospital, when the doctor touch you so slow, when she is reviewing your body to find a injure, and at the end of the date she talks you so sweet and gives you her number to call her if you have a "doubt"; in your same house, when you log in your HI5 and start to meet girls online.

So everywhere you can find a temptation, corresponded or not, but at the end a temptation.

Just you have to guess and to imagine how to make your dream real with your possible temptation...

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lully desnuda dijo...

La foto con manzana incluida ya es toda una tentación para ustedes los caballeros. En este caso me quedo con la manzana, me sonrío.

Un abrazote sincero, alegre y saludable!