30 de julio de 2008

I love you (sometimes)

Are you unfaithful?

"The romantic love offers an utopia and condemns irremediably to the failure", expresses Serge Chaumier, french sociologist.

Chaumier, who has written a book called "The new art of loving", make sure that each day members of a couple ask each other for more personal space and they reject to live proyected the one in the another.

This personal space means also the possibility to be with friends (men and women), to explore with them some hobbies, worries, and other kind of things.

But what happen with couples who fall down in the monotony, ehen the boring and the lack of comunication become too dark the relationship?

It is the time, when the "third" appears....

But what do we can say about this THIRD?

No, no, no. I won´t say that you are a #+drfrs guy or girl...hahaha

Either I will say that ohhhhhhhhhhhh how can u do that?

In contrast to those old opinions, the "third" is the new energy and renovation source in a couple, but at the same time a latent danger....

In France and in others Europe countries, the appearance of the"third" is getting more frecuent, it is a person that keeps a kind of relationship with one member of the couple, which doens´t mean sexual contact. Obviously if you want to take it farest, I don´t mind.. (just kidding, my love)

But what is the reazonable explanation for this behavior?

It is easy.The appearance of the "third" becomes oxygenated the couple, and it says to the another member of the couple that there is a latent risk, so he or she must reinforce the relationship.

However, I fell that you are thinking about what happen if this kind of relationship arrives in sexual contact.

Well, In this case, There is not a good book to define what will happen in your relationship. Just I recommend you to innovate everything every day. And when I say "to innovate", I mean from sex until a simple kiss....

Do you think the same?

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