18 de julio de 2008

A pretty penny

What is the first thing which comes to your mind when you hear or read "A pretty penny"?

It is not a penny that looks like so good...hahaha, either a penny which seems new.

English speakers maybe know what I am referring to. However I go farthest than the simple "Idiom".

Do you think that anyone, I mean a person, can become a pretty penny for us?

Surely you will say, that the obvious answer is Yes. But when does a person become a pretty penny for us?

Men know that our blood have in its genes the innate skill to cheat women, despite you don´t want to do it, and you push your head against the wall.

Nevertheless, and this is a thing that I never believed until now, there is something that can stop or at lease keep frezzed this "boy gene".

The answer: Being in loved. Until you don´t find the exact girl or the boy you won´t control this gene.

What do you think about it? Am I right?

1 comentario:

lully desnuda dijo...

Me seduce ver un hombre haciendo hasta lo imposible por agradar y convencerme. Me he dado cuenta de las mentiras que han tenido que hacer varios y he disimulado eso para evitarles afecciones al ego.

Besos amistosos!