21 de agosto de 2008

Web Site

A company without a Web site, it is not a real company, or at least nowadays it is not ready to get involved in the"globalized world" where til a little baby is living.

When I say "companies" I am not refering just to huge or big enterprises; middle and small business are considered too.


Because new information technologies guide people to frequent internet tools and use them.

So if you are businessman, it is not necessary that you think in investing some money to pay your web site design and hosting, because anyways you have to do it -if you consider your company has to survive in the next 5 years- otherwise go thinking how to get some money in an early soon.

I will help you today, to do not being swindled and to demand your rights.

First you have to differ between a Web Site and a Web Page.

A group of Web Pages form a Web Site.

So when you required a Web Site to someone - a company or a natural person- they will ask your for the characteristics of your possible Web Site.

Surely, they will explain you the different prices between static web pages and animated web pages.

Static web pages mean, that you won´t have any effect, no movements in your web site.

On the other hand, animated sites, provides you a cool presentation of what you want to sell or show. But it means that your web site can weight lightly more than a static site and therefore it can take some seconds or minutes more to load.

What is the point: If you accept to pay for a animated site, there are some files called ".FLA" , which are produced in Macromedia Flash. This files allow you to modify your web site when you consider necessary.

But some companies or web designers, don´t include this .fla files in the contract, and when you want to change something in your site, you can´t, because you don´t have the complete files. And when you go and talk to them, they says: "If you want these files you have to pay something additional".

Is this correct?

So, now you are informed, dont be foolish...

PD:Next posts about some easy steps to creat your web site..

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