25 de diciembre de 2008

Technological Terms (II)

This is my second delivery of a technological terms compilation. Now, I will present some words that we usually see on our advices but we don´t use and maybe we are wasting our device´s potential.

SAP: It appears for example in my TV remote control. SAP means Secondary audio programming reception, which is valuable for those who want to tune into alternate sound versions, sometimes available. Maybe if you are watching a movie in English you can hear it in spanish (through SAP option).

Streaming: It means to play and audio or video presentation directly from an Internet Web Site without your first having download it.

VGA/SVGA input, TV: I read it on a side of my computer´s screen. It means you can use your screen as one screen to your computer or like a TV.

WPA: It means Wireless Protected access. So if you have Wireless Internet mabe your neighbor has it too and he is too happy because you pay some dozen of dollars while he has it for free. Well you can block their online access with a password, so if you see that WPA option is not actived, go now and do it.

Wizard: Everytime I install a new program I see this word: WIZARD. In spanish it means "mago", a guy who makes magic. Actually it is a computer program that takes you one step at a time through a complex process to install or configure what you want.

MSRP: In United States and some other countries, stores love to use initials. Well MSRP means the manufacter´s suggested retail price. Often this prize is higher than the real price in stores to guide to customers to think that they are getting a bargain....

Soon, I will borrowed more of these technological terms to take pleasure to you.

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