24 de diciembre de 2008

Technological Terms

What is the last device that you have bought or you would like to buy?

Maybe a laptop, or a desktop computer, perhaps a digital camera, or a video camera.

All these electronic products bring usually a guide that we don´t usually understand because it has a glossary too weird for us.

Here I will detail some of the most usually terms to make you understand better the device that you have in front of you.

Intel CELERON: Usually when a sales guy gives you the prices between processors they talk about Celeron, which is a serie from Intel that is slower and less costly than its Pentium Contrapart bacause it offers low quality.

CRT : Cathode-ray tube. It is the familiar picture tube used to create a TV picture since the advent of television.

PLASMA: A plasma screen is made up of thousands of pixels containing gas that´s converted into "plasma" by an electrical charge.

PIP: Many Tv sets offer PIP (picture-in-picture), a feature that lets you watch two images at the same time on one screen.

OS: Operating System, which is the software that is necessary to control the basic operation of the computer. Examples are: DOS, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Soon I will present more words related to our devices, anyways every time you buy a electronic product, don´t forget to check the important features.

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